Hysteria about the Crimea

and Russia including Putin is displayed here in a swiss based news papers online pages.

But see for yourself how you would go about dealing with a news outlet informing its readers in such a single sided fashion. One headline after the other is biased against Russia, its president an its people.

The first screen shots shows the front page with the head lines 2 and 3 and a feature section with the classic black and white portrait suggesting intelligent and well informed people writing here exclusive articles. This massive and coordinated (because its the same across Europe in government and private media outlets) disinformation regarding Russia is how we here in the middle of 21′ century of Europe live today. It gives the impression that nothing much has changed since the break up of the cold war in 1989.

It is complete hysteria, lies, fabrications, fingerpointing and legalisation of the Junta in Kiev. It is not so much the Nazies which are bieing pushed into fame, it is the normality of it all which provokes deep thoughts about Europes leaders speaking in the name of the people. Do they really? I do not think so… in every Online media outlet the same thing happens. Massive wrong and biased information about Russia in generall is meet with specific accusation from its information consumers as to not inform with such a wrong bias, lies, bad will, contempt regarding Russia. This goes on for weeks now nad dispite massiv complaints it does not stop. It does not keep a singel journalist or even media outlet from producing ever more propaganda about Russia.

It is completly ridicoulus considering that the worlds hegemon and main agressor, the USA has more than 700 military installation in more than 30 countires worldwide, which is more than all other countries combined. The agressor is not Russia. Russia is keeping up agreed contracts, until now without any weapons and according the contractual agreements which allow up to 25’000 personel stationed regarding its military base in the Crimea.

Translating the headlines for you

  • Eastern Europe fears Vladimir Putin
    • Russian minorities in eastern europe
    • Russias invasion of the crimea
    • Stockmarkets diving because of Crimea crisis
  • Long quees in front of cash machines


2014-03-15 15_16_08-tagesanzeiger.ch_ Nichts verpassen - Nightly

The second screenshot shows the foreign section with all together 5 headlines wishing to inform the readers about the wrong and evil doings of the russian government and its president.

translating the headlines  for you;

  • referendum under guns
  • the EU must stop Putins cynical games
  • US drones probably brought down over the Krimea
  • nothing more than an empty handshake
  • long ques in front a cash machines


2014-03-15 15_17_30-News Ausland - tagesanzeiger.ch - Nightly