Washing your car with out a brush

Just recently back form a longer visit to France I rediscovered the “lavage avec mousse” way of washing your car. This means, your car gets extremely clean without touching it with a brush or anything else scratchy.

What you do is to spray your car from top to bottom with a special foam. It is this which eliminates and removes all kind of dirt from your car. Starting with the bugs and other insects form your windscreen down to the silicon, oil and dirt on the sides , tires and underbody.

This is the initially step of treating your car… foaming till it looks white all over…

See for yourself in a couple of pictures. First one is at a different place but has lots of this white foam on it so that is better visible on the photo…

White foam that takes all the bad dirty thing away from your car… this place just below is in the French part of Jura in the Doubs region.


…the magic of the white foam… “lavage avec mousse”

Ferien Frankreich 2012


Step 1, 2, 3 and for 4 below, rinsing your car squeaky clean…shine without a brush and very very proper…this one in the following 4 photos is in St. Julian en Born in Aquitaine…



putting on this white foam… includes pretty hot water as well…

Ferien Frankreich 2012




…putting on even more of this white foam… which slowly eats away all the bad insects, oil and dirty form your car… just let it do it’s job for a couple of minutes..

Ferien Frankreich 2012




rinsing with water…

Ferien Frankreich 2012




Clean as new… shine all over, no insects, no is there any other kind of dirt left on your car… it even cleans the rims as good as new… surprise this gets done without any kind of brush or any other mechanical removal… except for some really hard to come by remains of insects from the front of the car which I take away with a wet cloth.

Ferien Frankreich 2012


the happy car owner… and the shiny look on the car… looks and  feels clean and like new !

..not only is France a great country to spend your holidays or even live there, enjoy very good food and drink and enjoy the ocean at the Atlantic coast or the green fields of the Auvergne or the tasty cheese and wine all over the country. No, this is not all there is… they do know how to get your car to be looking as good as new… much better than the car wash stations here in Switzerland with the often very dirty brushes and foam that does not do much in comparison…

Well… try it out…



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